client case study

The Greenwich Historical Society preserves the history of Greenwich and inspires a spirit of discovery through educational programs and exhibits and encourages active participation in the preservation and interpretation of the Town’s past.

I've had an eight-year (and counting) relationship with the Greenwich Historical Society. i was hired by them to design a host of graphics, from printed event invitations, banners, posters, brochures, newsletters, email blasts, etc. for their many programs and exhibitions.

Later, i was asked to redesign their website and keep it updated. the time came that they needed to make their site mobile-friendly/responsive. i also added a content management system so they could make minor changes in-house.

I work with the Greenwich Historical Society on a daily basis. i relish the chance to meet with them in-person to strengthen the relationship and also i get to see their beautiful campus and amazing exhibitions and collections.

They are embarking on a big capital improvement to their campus and with it they are looking for a new look for their identity program. i look forward to working with them to implements that. i am cognizant of their branding and keep all the materials i produce in line with that, but feel i can still keep it fresh.

logo design process

client conference
  • listen to your initial input
  • ask if you currently have a logo/website/promotional material
  • gather info about your business sector
  • ask about your competitors
    • ask if you like any of their competitors logos and why
    • make sure that you logo will be unique
  • ask if there are any unrelated logos that you like and why
once i have that information i begin to design
  • i like to consider doing a logo with type and a mark
  • i think about your business sector as a whole and specifically what your organizations evokes
  • i consider what typefaces might be appropriate, sometimes adapting those typefaces to create a custom look
  • i sometimes refer to “The Dictionary of Symbols” (Liungman) and other references to learn about the history and meaning of symbols. this helps to avoid possible offensive uses of symbols as well discover shapes that may be appropriate.

This bit in the book fascinated me: Hobos of old had a whole set of symbols which they’d carve on a nearby tree or post, that they used to advise other hobos if a business or home was friendly, provided food, had a mean dog, etc.

i start drawing usually with a pencil, but sometimes on the computer
  • i end up with many pages of ideas and doodles
  • i always start in black and white as the logo design will need to stand up as a one-color design
  • i pick out the good ones and start refining
  • i end up with many, many more ideas
  • i may or may not start adding color at this point
  • i then chose no more than 5 to show you
i listen to feedback (many times my clients like something from logo A, something from logo B, etc.)
i go back and refine based on your input
  • i keep refining until you end up with a logo that you LOVE!

more to come...

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